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h.c. andersen: a morose panty-waisted fucklet ([personal profile] forfatter) wrote2017-06-18 03:19 pm

week 4 | sunday afternoon, post-execution

[Technically, people think Andersen suspects and despises Jay. That's fine by him. But it makes getting his work done a little difficult. He has to wait for the right time to approach, least people suspect otherwise. Once the general crowd has dispersed--and once it seems like there's no one really about the Motel--Andersen steals the chance to find the guy.]

Jay. Let's talk.
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[ jay was not in the best of moods after the execution and he still isn't now. normally when he's annoyed, though, it's at everyone else at the motel for being dumbasses.

not this time though. ]

Two days in a row? How lucky.
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Don't be so full of yourself. For once, my foul mood has nothing to do with you.

[ he moves on. ]

What do you want to talk about?